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We have over 100 years combined experience in right of way acquisition and stand ready to 

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About Us

Negotiations Inc was founded in 1997 by Wm. L. Wermund, SR/WA. He founded the company after retiring from Ameritech, where he started his 31-year career there in the right of way department. Since then, Negotiations, Inc. has been delivering quality service to its clients and their customers!  

Our experienced professionals will work with you on large or small scale projects to reach fair and equitable settlements.  We advocate for our clients with good faith negotiations while upholding their valuable reputation.  

The services we provide are Right of Way & Lease Acquisition including aiding in the document preparation and condemnation support if needed, Damage Claim Resolution, Title Services, Appraisals, Surveys, etc. Click the link for the Services page for more details.